Brand new limited edition prints by artist Tim Doyle, featuring creative re-imaginings of iconic locations featured throughout popular culture.

Seen above: Adventure Time, Lost, Breaking Bad, Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Game of Thrones.

Each image has been lovingly screen printed by the artist himself, and each print comes signed and numbered as well! Check out all the great prints from the series here.

Super cool screen prints from Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Adventure Time and more, via our friends over at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

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When most people hear the word “Parkour,” they recall Youtube videos of people racing through town while gliding from obstacle to obstacle. Andy Day was perplexed by the urban sport while seeing it on TV one day.

With little prior photography experience, he decided to set out and document the intriguing activity and those that participated. He had no idea it would lead to a professional career photographing Parkour.

Photographing Parkour and Its High-Flying Madness

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Crap I was fat… Anyways, I wish I could find my old shirt :( #shirt #lost #rollingstones

And thats how TriForce fused within myself.

Pokemon In Real Life Will Never Stop Being Awesome

I´ll begin uploading my drawings too!

Sackid is on Top of the World!
I made a Facebook page for this little guy here, why dont you guys give it a look? :) Click HERE .

Aperture: F/4

Shutter Speed: 1/200s

ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100

These pokemons should seriously get into a strict diet based on berries.


Origami Pokemons

One of the best indie games to ever come. It could compete with Minecraft, and definitively gives Terraria a thousand kicks.


The evolution of Nintendo´s controllers. 

Its only missing the Wii U´s pad. 

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